Arduino Grant

We are currently requesting grant proposals for Arduino-type circuit boards, electronics kits, and training. An Arduino is a beautiful little circuit board that can be easily programmed and allows people to do anything from blink an LED to perform extremely complex operations (think robots and home automation).

This grant is open to religious and non-religious schools and camps as well as churches. The size and contents of the grant will be designed around the students who will be using them. In addition to providing the circuit boards and the other supplies needed to get started, we will provide offline, online, and/or in person training. We will not simply send you a box of circuit boards, but make sure that you have everything you need from the time you get your boards through the final class.

In this grant application, we are looking for stories and passion. Our mission is not simply to hand out circuit boards that will wind up in a closet. We want to know how receiving these boards and this training will enhance the lives of the recipients.